Dr. Syopiansyah Jaya Putra, M.Sis

The 18th (iiWAS2016)

( 07-11-2016 15:07:44 )

1. Web Engineering and Web Services Track

  • Web Data Integration, Monitoring and Management
  • Web Data Models, Metrics, Tools, Languages and Performance
  • Web Agents, Intelligence and Mining
  • Web Security and Trust Management
  • Web Visualization, Rich Web UI and Deep/Hidden Web
  • Web-based Enterprise Systems and Business Processes
  • Web-based Auction and Negotiation
  • Federated and cross-organizational Web engineering
  • Web Services Architectural styles
  • Web Services performance
  • Dependability, security and privacy of web services (blogs, RSS, wikis, etc.)
  • Orchestration, choreography and composition of web services
  • Tools and technologies for Web Services development, deployment and management
  • The impact of Web Services on enterprise systems
  • Impact of formal methods on Web Services
2. E-applications Track (e-Business, e-Commerce, e-Payment, e-Government, e-Learning, e-science, e-communities)

  • E-application design models and methods
  • E-application development processes, standards and methodologies
  • E-application usability, accessibility, reuse and integration
  • E-application localization and internalization
  • E-applications case studies and best practices
  • E-applications social and legal issues
  • E-applications service architectures
  • E-applications competition and collaborations
  • E-applications data analytics and visualization
  • Digital libraries
  • Innovative E-Frameworks & E-Applications
  • Innovative E-applications in Web 2.0, AJAX, E4X and other new developments
  • Model-driven E-application development
  • Workflow and E-services
3. Web Data and Semantic Web Track

  • XML data and schema integration
  • XML data models, query processing and data management
  • XML data privacy and security
  • Web databases and warehousing
  • Web data mining, exploration, and visualization
  • Document Engineering and Integration
  • Web Data Mashup
  • Languages, tools and methodologies for representing and managing Semantic
  • Web data
  • Web Semantics content creation, annotation, and extraction
  • Web Semantics brokering, integration and interoperability
  • Web Semantics search, query, and visualization
  • Web Semantics middleware and services
  • Web Semantics provenance, trust & security
  • Ontology creation, searching, extraction, and evolution
  • Ontology mapping, merging, and alignment
4. Information Integration in Ubiquitous Computing Track

  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Information and Service Integration
  • Tools and techniques for designing, implementing, & evaluating Ubiquitous Computing Systems
  • Grid and P2P architectures for service and information integration
  • Agent-based ubiquitous applications
  • Location and context-aware applications and services
  • Infrastructure support for mobility and pervasive Web
  • Web proxies and content adaptation
  • Service creation and management environments for pervasive web
  • Low-cost web access devices and networking for emerging regions
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies in pervasive web
  • Social search and the use of human computing in web search
  • Experience report on ubiquitous computing implementation
  • Visionary scenario on ubiquitous computing

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